reign meme[1/1episode
The Consummation
  reignedit     reign     mary stuart     prince francis     francis valois     catherine de medici     marie de guise     mine     i actually did it     i finished a meme     its a miracle     reignmeme  

reign meme[2/2ladies in waiting
Greer of Kinross
  reignedit     reign     greer of kinross     lady greer     mary stuart     mine     reignmeme  

reign meme[1/2ladies in waiting
Lady Kenna
  reignedit     reign     lady kenna     mary stuart     i wanted these two to be featuring mary cos they are her ladies so...     mine     reignmeme  

reign meme[3/3colours
  reignedit     reign     sebastian de poitiers     lady kenna     catherine de medici     mary stuart     prince francis     greer of kinross     lady aylee     lady lola     mine     reignmeme  

reign meme[2/3colours
  reignedit     reign     greer of kinross     catherine de medici     nostradamus     sebastian de poitiers     mary stuart     prince francis     mine     reignmeme  

reign meme[1/3colours
  reignedit     reign     prince francis     catherine de medici     mary stuart     nostradamus     reignmeme     mine  

reign meme[4/4characters
Catherine de Medici
  reignedit     catherine de medici     reign     reignmeme     mine  

reign meme[3/4characters
Mary Stuart
  reignedit     reign     mary stuart     mine     reignmeme  

reign meme[2/4characters
Francis Valois
  reignedit     francis valois     prince francis     reign     reignmeme     mine  

reign meme[5/5outfits
Lady Kenna, 1x19
  reignedit     lady kenna     lady kenna de poitiers     reign     reignmeme     mine